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S E R I E S  4 & 5


Series 4 Episode 1
The Sea Trout - Nth. Uist

Paul and Bob visit their most dazzling and extraordinary destination to date, the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Completely unlike anywhere they have fished before, this small, remote but beautiful island has an intricate network of tidal pools and sea lochs, making it near enough equal parts land and water and therefore the perfect place to fish for sea trout. 

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Series 4 Episode 2
The Bream - Burghley House Estate, Lincolnshire

Bob and Paul accept an invitation to fish in the estate lake of Burghley House, a 16th-century country house near Stamford in Lincolnshire. Built in the 16th century by William Cecil, Elizabeth I's lord high chancellor, Burghley House is home to some of the most majestic landscapes Paul and Bob have ever found themselves in.

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Series 4 Episode 3
The Lake District

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse are in the Lake District to fish at some of the UK's best-loved beauty spots in the form of Derwentwater and Watendlath Tarn. In a change from the norm, this time Bob has chosen where they go fishing in a poignant trip down memory lane as this was where he used to come on camping holidays with his mates, away from parents for the first time.

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Series 4 Episode 4
The Rudd - Norfolk Broads

It is the start of the coarse fishing season and to celebrate Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse head to the Norfolk Broads to fish in some of East Anglia's most historic and celebrated waterways. They're there to try for rudd - but who knows what other species they might catch in these rivers, which are rich in flora and fauna?

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Series 4 Episode 5
Wild Carp - Mid Wales

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse fish for wild carp in Mid Wales, spending their first day at an ancient glacial lake where Bob tries out new gear he is keen to use and hopes will make a difference to his fishing. During this trip, Bob and Paul meet Mick May and Marina Gibson, who together have started a charity called Cancer and Pisces, which offers fishing as therapeutic respite for people with cancer.

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Series 4 Episode 6
Zander - River Severn, Worcestershire

Paul and Bob are on the River Severn in Worcestershire to fish for zander, and enlist the help of local guide Tim Maslen to find the best spots. As they sit and wait, they ruminate on the state of Britain's rivers in general, the threats that they are under and what it takes to do something to help them improve. After a few hours they move down the river to a secluded beach and meet their special guest - local actor and self-confessed fishing addict Charlie Cooper, star of This Country. Last in the series.

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Series 5 Episode 1
The Grilse - Devon & Somerset


Bob and Paul start the series by fishing the beautiful river Exe in Devon, looking for Grilse, also known as the ‘summer silver’. After a day of limited success, they enjoy a game of cricket before having a go at some shore fishing at Bossington Beach in Somerset.

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Series 5 Episode 2
The Grayling - North Wales


Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer, alongside trusty terrier Ted, travel to the Crogen Estate in north Wales to fish the River Dee for the glorious grayling, a fish which has so far eluded Paul on their extensive travels. 

They fish hard on a secluded private estate, while Bob sets up a bijou coffee shop and Paul tries to concentrate on landing the prized fish. 


Series 5 Episode 3
The Highlands


Paul and Bob venture from London to the Scottish Highlands, taking a sleeper train overnight to their destination. They wake in the stunning vista of north west Scotland, where the pine forests and snow-topped mountains almost take their breath away. They are on a quest to fish for ferox trout, which is a tall order for any angler. But they are in the right place, the River Garry, with a local guide to help them target their quarry

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Series 5 Episode 4
The River Thames


Paul and Bob set off in a punt to fish for perch on a weir pool on the River Thames - leaving poor old terrier Ted forlorn on the river bank, as he is not allowed on the boat with them. 

They discuss the treats we give ourselves in life, however simple they may be. The trio are also joined by comedian Richard Herring for a heart healthy meal.

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Series 5 Episode 5
Barbel - Surrey Hills


Paul and Bob travel to the heart of the English countryside to fish a lake deep in the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They hope to catch some carp and barbel. Later on, health expert Dr Anand Patel joins them by the lake. He and Bob dive straight into the importance of men looking after their health - especially their weight and particularly as they grow older.

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Series 5 Episode 6
Trout - Lough Corrib
Southern Ireland


Paul and Bob venture to the mighty Lough Corrib, Ireland’s largest lough and one of the best places in the country to try trout fishing. Later, they meet Undertones singer Fergal Sharkey. Good local knowledge of the weather and currents are essential, and they have local guide Richie Johnston to assist. Patience as well as good fishing know-how are always essential for any guide when working with Paul and Bob, especially when the three of them are sharing a boat. 

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